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"what the heck....

"what the heck....

Jan 21, 2018, 12:23 AM 0

jeez fiddletim, you are telling us that just now on the way back from the gig, you came so very close to coming home empty handed ?"    " i tell it like it happens....paying for the coffee and gas, i unknowingly dropped my gig money that i hadn't even counted, on the floor of the Zwiky Gas as i was running through my credit card on the reader."      " the guy behind me gets my attention and points down to the green at my feet."     " i had even kicked it under the wee ledge at the bottom of the counter making it less noticeable."       "fiddletim, you don't make that much that you can dropping money on the floor of a high traffic area."      "i know, Mesc, it's just that i wanted to get home to look at my daily games and do some tactics.....in a hurry...what can i say ?.....except that the guy could have easily stepped up, picked it up right after my oblivious self was on the way back to the vehicle and then gone."    "a doubledouble thanks for the unknown gent watching my back"    "i must add that he did the right nice thing like i hope i would have done as well. "  "Why ?"  "come on you guys,...how about just to keep this little corner of the universe in balance "      "ya Mick, it was a mighty fine gig and evening topped with a waggle."    a Real Story as told by some Unreal Friends

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