Ideas for Black In the Caro-Slav Pawn Structure

Dec 30, 2014, 9:02 AM |

A thematic idea for black in the Caro-Slav formation is the move:  ....Pawn to C5.  

  • Opens diagonal for bishop 
  • If white retakes, then c5 can be used by black's pieces
  • Might create an isolated pawn for white, which can then be blockaded on d5
In the following game the players fight for d4.  The c5 square is immediately taken by the black bishop, leading to an open center with lots of lines of attack.
Here is another example where black liberates his pieces:
Here is another example.
In this example black has freed up the diagonal for his bishop.
This blog represents my study of the book Pawn Structure Chess by Andrew Soltis.  I find it helpful to download the games online and am posting them to help me study and to help others who might want to follow along.  I recommend the book, as it has detailed comentary.