Maroczy Bind For Black

May 3, 2015, 7:21 AM |

If you play the Sicilan as Black, you might find yourself Defending against a Maroczy Bind.  According to Andrew Soltis, the right approach for black is to try to change the pawn structure here.








Black can break with the b pawn as in the following game.

Black had to set up the break with the a pawn move.  Notice the queen sacrifice that leads to a winning game for black, starting at move 18 when he exchanges the rook for the knight.  How many beginners would make that trade on purpose?

The above game shows how white might counter the pawn break.  Black ends up losing this game - but then, he was playing against Tal, so what can you do?  

The b pawn break for black is just one way to try and change the pawn structure.  If your ever facing down the bind as black, make sure and break with the pawns.  Hope this helps.

Thanks to Andrew Soltis "Pawn Structure Chess" which I used as my source for this blog.