Middle Game Ideas In the Caro Pawn Formation

Dec 29, 2014, 10:06 AM |
These ideas are taken from Soltis: Pawn Structure Chess.  

This post looks into some middle game ideas in the Caro pawn formation.








White has potential outpost squares on c5 and e5.  Black would have to weaken his center with (...f6?) in order to dislodge a piece from e5, as in the following game.





So to summarize, white can exploit the outpost squares on e5 and c5 to create weaknesses in black's position.

The following game illustrates what happens if black plays too passively. 


 The point of the above game is to show how white controlled the center with pawns and how passive play can lead to trouble for black.




In the following position white has a weakness on d4.   Black is better because he can attack the d4 pawn.