Sicilian Defense: Scheveningen

Jul 28, 2010, 10:10 PM |

I have been studying the book Pawn Structure Chess by Andrew Soltis. While reading it I started to look up games in the data base here on  It made reading the book much easier.  This particular post is meant to be a companion to the book.   This is sort of my way of taking notes.  

Who am I?  I'm rated 1550 here on  I've been playing Sicilian defense as Black with very little actual knowledge of the openings involved.  So I'm trying to study up and improve my game.  I've found this opening somewhat neglected here on, at least in video format.  I searched keywords "closed Sicilian" and found some good stuff.  More on that later.

 The Open Sicillian English: Scheveningen. 






Black sets up pawns at d6 and e6  with control over d5 and e5.




White's e-5 Break
A better plan for white would be the e-5 break attempting to kick the knight off of f6 and attack on the Kingside.
That one went well for White.  Soltis  notes: "The most obvious problems for White after P-e5 are the isolation of the KP and the opening of lines that lead to his own king."  Illustrated by the following game.
More to follow.