Sicilian Defense C4 continued

Nov 9, 2010, 8:54 PM |

I'll admit: I'm an amateur.    No matter how much I study openings, I am faced with playing other novices like myself who do not always play the recommended moves or the recommended move orders.  While these neglected and dis-proven lines may be transparent to our more enlightened chess brethren, when faced with them in a game of live chess, we must fall back on our own logic and reinvent the wheel.

After many long ten minute games of live chess, I have concluded that some dis-proven lines are favored over others.  I am relieved to say that I recognize these openings as idiosyncrasies.  Now: how to proceed?  Chess geniuses everywhere a have moved on from these forgotten mistakes and I must forge ahead, using my nascent chess judgment to guide me.  


I'm not good.  I have no right to discourse on chess, and yet, who will help us with these basic series of mis-moves, made in the dark of chess ignorance?


Okay, my opponent made some obvious blunders, like hanging his bishop.  Still, this 2. bc4 line is completely standard.  I find that going after it immediately with my bknight is usually the best defense.