Shlomo Seider

Feb 26, 2011, 10:25 AM |

Usually I do not talk about Chess at the Work ( If I began to write about my

Habits - ordinary at the Work I talk about women and with women I talk about work ) But that morning I spoke with my colleague Dalit in particular  about chess  and   I knew that her Father in Law was a famous Israeli problemist  Shlomo.Seider. I've heard this name. Shlomo was the first Israeli International Master in composition, but I never sew his creations.

Finally I get a Book – AS IN ALL ARTS (Selected Chess Problems of Shlomo Seider) written by Theodor Tauber. That weekend I did not play blitz as usual - I read this brilliant  book. I'd like to show 2 positions from the book.


























Selfmate (White  forces  black to make a checkmate)