The Vienna Game

Jul 10, 2009, 10:42 AM |

In amateur games, one will often see openings such as the Four Knights Game or occasionally an Italian Game often with the "trap" response of 3... Nd4.  However, games like the Queen's Gambit or the Symmetrical English are not as popular as 1. e4 e5.  Or, if they are played, they plunge out of book almost immediately.

So, today, I will show you a 1. e4 e5 opening!  The Vienna Game is similar to the King's Gambit in that the f4 pawn is offered up (Vienna Gambit), but the move order is slightly different.  Because of this, black doesn't have the 2... Bc5 3... Qh4 threat of mate on f2 because the knight is blocking it.  Below is one of the most popular variations, the Modern Variation (3.f4 d5) of the Vienna Gambit.

There are other variations (even of the Modern Variation!), such as 5. d3 Bb4 6. dxe4 Qh4+. However, my game follows book until black errs with 5... Nxc3.  Below is my game (Remember to check the move list!):

I hope you enjoyed this!  Try out the Vienna Game, and tell me how it goes!  Good luck!