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lol, very funny game, funny chat...

Jul 27, 2008, 1:59 AM 3

kamalvcr: hello

fnatic: hi

kamalvcr: asl plz

fnatic: asl?

kamalvcr: ya

kamalvcr: 24 m india

kamalvcr: u plz

fnatic: what means asl?

fnatic: 23 Ukraine

kamalvcr: age sex location

fnatic: m

kamalvcr: want to win

fnatic: sure

kamalvcr: u want 2 ut check

kamalvcr: its tuf f to win

kamalvcr: its over

kamalvcr: i said its over

kamalvcr: see the game

kamalvcr: play quick

kamalvcr: its over

fnatic: again?)

fnatic: lol

kamalvcr: no stuffin u r game

Game over - fnatic won by checkmate

fnatic: it's over)

kamalvcr: ok well

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