An intro my blogs

May 11, 2015, 12:10 PM |

Hi! I'm fourpawnskewer, an avid chess player and user of I've decided I want to start blogging some of my chess games and thoughts. Not much structure or punctuality will be in these blogs but I hope you're all right with that. I'd like to put one of my recent blitz games that I am proud of. After analzying them with the computer I found I made no blunders in the game! Here is the game. 

P.S. If any group that plays matches would like me on their team feel free to message me.


And right here my opponent makes a blunder, I don't know why.

Sorry about my bad puzzle editing. Please just use the move feature (or try to guess the move) and see the notes afterwards. New to posting games and puzzles here! 

Thanks for reading!