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About Me:

About Me:

Dec 13, 2007, 1:58 PM 1
    Hi, my name is Lillian Nguyen, but you could just call me Lily. As I grew up in Oregon, I started to learn how to cook. Later, I became good at it. One thing I learned was that it took alot of practice to do what you wanted to learn sometimes. I really enjoyed cooking as I grew up. I started thinking what I should do, and so a friend of mine told me about chess, and soon, I started thinking about what I should do. Soon, my family packed up and left Oregon. We stopped at New York in 1990, and we didn't have much so we stayed in an appartment. Later, it was Christmas time, and my aunt invited me over to California. Oh! and in New York, we used alot of subway things, so we decided to move to California and live with our aunt. She letus stay for many months, but when I graduated college, I moved out and went to Northern California because my aunt lived in a big appartment in Los Angelas. Later, I retired from being a lawyer and I decided to become a cook. So now, I work at a restaurant in San Leandro. But before, one of my friends let me live with them. About 1 year later, I bought a house in Castro Valley and left my friend. Then, I got 2 cats and named them, Sophie and George. Now, I go to a Christian Church between Castro Valley and San Leandro. I go every Sunday morning at 9am. Well, I hope you understand soon!

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