Beginner to Master!

Beginner to Master!

Mar 8, 2015, 1:14 PM |

Chess...what can I say? A sport that stimulates the mind, enhances the mind and allows the battle of two, too see who has the greater mind. Althougth chess can be a hobby it can also be an addiction. Where the brain craves to solve puzzles, find the checkmate in one, the royal fork, or a queen sacrafice for victory!

With this I regretably say..."I have an addiction towards chess!"

Now I am on the task to become a master. (Or so I say! Smile)  Now I look forward, to improve and learn more knowledge.

"Why are you telling us?" You probarly ask.  Well I hope to teach a few of you some few pointers and, hopefully some higher rated person than myself will teach me some pointers. This should help me improve as well as people on since this is a community. 

"How?" I will probarly play a game 15min or 30 min game notating thoughts and feelings and then post it online, for people to anaylsis. Or ask for book requests depending on my games. Hopefully, this should help myself and people execel at chess. 


Now all the blabbering is out of the way lets begin with a short game. I recently played! 

After this game, did any of you notice that my plan was to aquire the center? I might of stated it though. LaughingThis gave me a plan what to do. (or so I say) Althought my opponet had no plan that I could see apart from development and to stop e4. This gives me the idea of always have a goal in mind and stick to it! 

Should I believe this fact or not? That is up for you to decide. 


Right now this game seems to be fluffy but as the blog has gone on long enougth its time to end this first issue. Smile

Please let me know if there was any mistakes that I did in my game. Or any other ideas I should consider. Any improvments in my blog? Or anything you would like to see?  All the best of luck to you all.