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Dreams & Missed Opportunities

Dreams & Missed Opportunities

Jan 6, 2018, 5:13 PM 0
Game Review
King Indian Defence
Today's game review was taken from online in a 15 [10 time scale. During this game I missed several opportunities in being able to draw or win from an unlikely position. This had many ups but mostly downs for myself. In addition, this game has helped me in understanding in fighting against the KID.
Now, I do not usually review my games and this is probably the first I have actually spent time reviewing a game.  I spent roughly one hour to one hour and a half time wise reviewing this game. I will admit I did use stockfish to help more than I should have. However, I was more surpores what I did not see in the game when thinking. 
Next time when I review my own games, I reckon I need to put below in a better font and try and analyse my own possible moves rather than relying on Stockfish. Anyways, I hope to whoever is reading enjoys below game and learns a thing or two.
After thoughts.
  • I learnt from this game that even when White has gained the pawn break C4-C5 that he should not instantly take the D6 pawn. This is a rookie mistake. Instead I should attempt to build the pressure. 
  • Not be afraid of the F7-F5-F4 pawn push! Despite being scary for the bishop on D3 "If moved to Bd3" There are a few tricks to avoid the bishop being pushed back to C1.
  • I have also learnt and seen the important knight moves that are common on the queenside, as well as kingside after the F5 push.. 
  • Lastly, I should be looking for moves that affect one side quickly, in these types of quick wing attacks. 
  • In addition, to improve my endgame skill and understanding. Sometimes I need to step back and realise which are weak pieces that could drop very easily. 


Now after highlighting this information, I should be consider looking into endgame technique and try to improve on that as well as calculation abilities. This should help me notice moves more and become more board aware. Hopefully...till next time. 


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