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Mar 19, 2011, 10:09 PM 3

My former chess coach thought it would be a good idea for me to start recording my path as a chess player at a tournament level. My goal is that in the next three years I will be a strong enough to player to play on the Navy's Chess team. If you ask anyone, this will be no easy feat. Most people, do not even know that military branchs (Army, Airforce, Navy, for sure) have a competitive chess team. More suprising as well, is how selective this team is. My current, provistional rating is a 1300. Considering only two short years ago when my rating was a suggested 700. I have almost doubled my rating in that time, but thats another story. On the 19th of March of 2011, I played in my first USCF rated tournament with my provisional rating of 1300, and swept. My first game was an easy win, and second game a bit tougher, and on my third, I believe I got extremely lucky. A lesson I will learn from when I study it this coming week. Getting better at chess was easy, becoming great at chess is going to be a whole other story. I am going to pave my way though, at whatever the cost. I apologize if this blog seems quite dry, but after a long tournament I am not quite as sharp as I usually am. It is late and I plan to post my last game, where I was, or thought I was in deep trouble but my opponent blundered his queen away, later on this week after my analysis. So long fellow chess friends.

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