Chess Mania

Feb 19, 2010, 8:14 PM |

In what I have observed in the so many games that I played and forums that I did try to browse.  Still I can't believe, that there are a few fanatics who think of themselves only.  Much worst is that they are racist, they think they are superior, when the reality they aren't.  And there are few woodpushers who are trying to delay and make some players blew their patience in waiting for next move they make.  Hoping administrators of tournaments, must see to it that kind of attitude must not be tolerated in

We are here to play, whether friendly match or being competitive. . .. .. so if you enter into a game, just finish it soonest possible time you've got. As the adage goes:

"What you can do today; Why wait for tomorrow?" common guys.....make your every game enthusiastic, friendly, and enjoyable.

Rating don't matter to me as long as you wanted to have a taste of what other rated players has to offer?  In a way, we learn in every mistakes, games, decisions that we made. . . . . Keep on playing...enjoy it, and be thankful for sharing your ideas with friend or friends........