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Sportsmanship in Chess

Sportsmanship in Chess

Dec 16, 2009, 4:43 PM 0

What?? sportmanship in the game of Chess?

Well, am barely 2 months in Chess.com and yet I encountered so many players of which I thought have all the character of a sportsman.  But to my dismay, some of them are quite un-educated....they mumbled bad words in the chat forums much more if you outsmarted them...But in fairness, there's also some few good men who one way or another convey their message of appreciation on how the way you handled situations in a crucial game in particular.

To the many gentlemens and friendly woodpushers in Chess.com continue to impart the good side of what you truly are. In part you can imbibe some good attitude to a few chess players who thinks they can't be beaten....Till then.

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