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Breaking Bad on AMCtv.com

Breaking Bad on AMCtv.com

Sep 14, 2011, 9:22 AM 1

Sure, you could say there's enough violence and drama manufactured in today's world. However if that's not something you'd say, then you may as well turn to amctv.com, or Netflix and watch the made-for-tv series titled 'Breaking Bad'.

It's currently in it's 4th of 5-seasons and it's set in Albuquerque, New Mexico (U.S.A.). There's a solid core of main characters. A little more than half of the main characters are seen in each episode, which is usually ladden with some sort of drama.  Some of which is funny.  And some which is not quite so funny.

As with most/any show, there's a fair amount of conflict.  The conflicts with Breaking Bad tend to be of the 'How does one manage to surive, provide for themselves/family' variety, which can be cumbersome given today's reality.

Nonetheless, this show's worthy of a look (to say the least).  It took one episode of season-3 (episode-1, 'No Mas') and I became hooked on the show, just like 'Walt' & 'Jesse Pinkman' would hope.  Or maybe it was another episode in season-3 and then I immediately watched as much of the previous season-3 and what proceeded it. 

One thing's for certain; I'm not alone and I am anxiously awaiting the outcome of season-4 and what lies ahead w/ the final season (5).

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