Accused of Cheating in Online Chess

Feb 2, 2013, 3:35 AM |

So in a recent tournament game I was accused of cheating and my opponent resigned after 19 moves, just when I started cooking up a dangerous attack. He also resigned in our other game without playing a move.

In my opinion the game was just theory and then mostly obvious moves. Our chat log is posted below.

Him: This is some kind of computer I'm playing, right?

fritz_says_b3: No, it's just a username. I only use Houdini for postmortem analysis of my games.

Him: Houdini?

fritz_says_b3: Good free engine

fritz_says_b3: But even then I still rarely use it because I don't record much in OTB.

Him: Your computer is too strong for me. This is no fun

fritz_says_b3: ?

fritz_says_b3: Is this a cheating accusation?

fritz_says_b3: Up to move 14 I've been using ideas from Andrew Martin's Trompowsky DVD

fritz_says_b3: Move 15 was prophylaxis against any c-file attacks

fritz_says_b3: Move 16 onwards was me trying to get an attack going, although if you had played ...g5 I would've had to settle with pointless shuffling around and trying to defend a possible queenside attack

Him: Are you trying to impress me with this shit?

fritz_says_b3: Are you trying to say that I played the best moves the whole game? I wouldn't even consider the tromp then.

Him: Frankly I have no idea what you're on about most of the time: OTB, postmortem, Andrew Something DVD, tromp, houdini, blah blah. Seems like all you're interested in, is to impress with fine words

fritz_says_b3: Why don't you try utilising that thing called google, Mr 1785?

fritz_says_b3: Might clear up a few things

Does this seem like a game where an engine was needed to calculate the moves?