Tournament summary

Jul 6, 2011, 1:58 AM |

Came equal first in a fun tournament today featuring 150 ish players :D
Had to beat the guy who was owning the tournament in the last round as well but pretty much everyone else I played (bar my only loss) was rated more than 200 below me...

Round 1.
Played a 400(?) and won quite easily

Round 2.

Round 3.
Played a 500 and won a pawn in a confusing French middlegame and in the end I sacrificed a queen for a back rank mate. Both of us had 3 minutes left.

Round 4. 
Played another 400, this time I won a rook in the Sokolsky via

but I dropped my a1 rook (fail) and was up a pawn in an opposite coloured bishop ending but he took bait at h2 and his bishop had no useful place to go to and I promoted.

Round 5.
Played a 910 and lost, dropped a pawn and timed out.

Round 6.
Played another 400 and he dropped his queen. Enough said.

Round 7.
Played this gem

 against a 600(?)

Round 7.
Played on the first board (it's a Swiss tourney) against a 742 who had beaten the guy I lost to and another guy I previously lost to in another tourney (also rated 900 and something). I played Larsen's Opening after hearing from others that he was a solid player and those people happen to play mainstream e4's and d4's so I tried throwing him off. It worked to an extent and I managed to win a pawn and inflict structural weaknesses (doubled and isolated c-pawns and f-pawns). He regained the pawn in a major piece ending and progressed to a drawn position with a king, queen and pawn vs king and queen (we both promoted) but he checked in the wrong square and I blocked with a countercheck. Downhill from there.