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Finally got back to 1600

Finally got back to 1600

Jun 27, 2017, 11:57 PM 0

Finally i got back to 1600 after along time. It is really good for me because i have tried a lot of games to reach this rating again, it's will increase my confidence more. I feel frustrated lately, because i fail to reach 1600 in a lot of time. I know i just reach 1600 and maybe i will drop my rating again but at least after a long fight finally i got back to 1600s. So, i hope i can be consistence here and reach 1700. It will be hard, bu i will try at least my first target is already achieved. So, the next is 1700.

This is will be my fifth video of youtube. Here i played an easy game because of my opponent blunder. So, i thank him, he make me back to 1600s.

Hope you enjoy my Video here..  https://youtu.be/AOfvD4cN-jI


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