Is Opening Important ?

May 27, 2017, 2:26 AM |


Hmmm, I think opening is very important, the first move is the beginning to win a game. You can try to use another opening than usually you used, the flow of the game will totally different and maybe its will be a confusing game. So, I think we need more than one opening, not only for make a variative play, but also to understand the opponent strategy. When our opponent use the opening that we know, I think our respond should be better. Knowing about opening as much as possible is good, but we need consistency. So, I think we need at least two opening that we mastered more than the other opening. It will make our game more variative.

Using the same opening every game can make we bore, moreover if we get lost a lot. Try another opening can refreshing our game and refreshing our mind too. Afterthat we can back to our main opening. Opening is important, but the move after the opening is more important. The same opening will not make the same respond from the opponent, so don’t forget about the strategy, the opening is the start, it build the way to win, but the tactic must strong, till the endgame finish it.

 So, Is Opening Important for you?

Happy playing Chess