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My Inconsistency Rating

My Inconsistency Rating

Dec 22, 2015, 1:47 AM 2


Well Well,, my rating always change fluctuated. My best rating is about 1500s, I try to being consistence in there but it is hard. Sometimes I always win, sometimes I always lose. In a month I can reach 1500s but in the same time i drop myself to 1300s. It is annoying,  I feel my game is improve but  I don’t know why I always fail to be consistence. Maybe one of the reasons why I can’t be consistence is about my opening. I have two best Opening when playing white. This one of my problems because I feel comfort with this opening, but my opponents have different responds. Did i change my style, when the respond isn’t give me a privilege?? The answer is no.. I always sure that my opening is the best, but yeahh the realty say no!. Hmm I think I should search more about an opening so I am not just depend on one or two opening,, this is my home work


I hope I can be more consistence start from today. I have a target to achieve for next year: I want to be consistence in 1500s and reach 1600s,, hope this happen,, so I can continue this article..




Mary Xmas and Happy New Years…




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