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My Inconsistency Rating (4)

My Inconsistency Rating (4)

Apr 5, 2016, 3:52 AM 0

March is over, i got my highest rating in this month, what a surprise a got 1701  in March 17, 2016 and i beat a player with rating 1965 in Live Tournament. WOWW, what can i say it was amazing for me, even that just happen for a while but that was a good good improvement from me. Now my rating is 1600s,  it still good because my target last month is to achieve 1600s, and here i am now. My game is not change very much but my concentration is improve. I still use my old strategy, i have one opening for my white and one opening for my black, i used it frequently, i rarely change my opening cause i feel confident with my opening. But i have to increase my option in opening game. My rating is 1600s now so i think i need more weapon for compete with others player. 

In April i just hope, i can consistence in 1600s and reach 1700 again for increase my confident.  Well, to achieve my target i have to learn more about an opening i want to have more option in my opening. So see you next Month..

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