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My Rating Target

My Rating Target

Apr 30, 2017, 1:06 AM 0

My rating now is about 1500s, my height rating is 1709 in May 2016. My current rating is not bad at all, but I want to improve it. I have a target for my rating this year, I want to reach 1700 again.  Well, my biggest problem now is I doesn't play continuously. When I just play once in two weeks, my game is terrible. I need to keep my game sharp and more sharp, so I must play continuously to achieve my target. Continuously doesn’t mean I need to play every day, I will bore if I did. This is about maintenance the schedule when I need to play and when I need to stop and take a rest. Besides,  I need to improve my strategy, my opening, and my end game.  But first of all, I need to maintenance my schedule on playing chess.

1700 will be my first step to the higher level, one day I want to reach 2000s.  So, this is the very first start of my journey to my dream. My target is not make me under presure for nothing, but this is a challenge for me. This will make the game more interisting with the target I made.

Do you have a target to achive too??

Happy playing chess..


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