No More Inconsistency Rating..

May 6, 2016, 1:00 AM |

well well well, my rating is more consistence rifht now, no more inconsistency rating for me in april. Once again, i reach 1700s in aplril, I feel more confident in my game, altough, there is nothing change in my opening game. I still used scoth game when i played white, but it is working very well, so i will keep this opening as my best opening. In the other side, i still learning for new opening in my game. Maybe this month i will be more focus to improve my 'opening vocabularry'. I mean when i want to play scotch game, sometimes our opponent have a good respond so i couldntĀ  build the scotch game. This is my bigest weekness, i need more creativity for cover this weekness. In we also can learning about tactics. So, i using this for improve my creativity, my tactics rating is 1450s now. This is not good i think, well i need more concentration when played tactics game, it was kind of tricky playing this game, but i will keep fight for increasing my rating.
Now, my rating is 1600s. This is fine, i feel the oppenent is more though so it is good for my improvement. In May i want to reach 1700s again and stay there for more long in time.
See you Next..