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Practice make Perfect (I need to Try)

Practice make Perfect (I need to Try)

Jul 11, 2016, 10:14 AM 0

Practice makes perfect, i believe we must have heard this phrase. If we want to be better, we have to practice and of course hard work to achieve our goal.

I have a goal to reach 1700s rating in chess.com but this goal is going far away from me. My rating now is 1500s, so i need reach about 200 point to reach my goal. Of course this is so hard, last month my rating is consistently in 1600s, but i drop again to 1500s. I think this is because i cannot concentrate well in my game i want to to finish my game as fast as i can, this is my problem right now. And besides, i never play chess consistently, that meant i am not practice well. I am an employee who have a hobby in playing chess, So i have to spent my time on practicing depend on my free time, but i didn't, sometimes i still playing chess when i was working. This is bad habit i think, i have to control my self more to achieve my goal, because when i playing on my working time i almost always lost on my game.

Well, Practice makes perfect, my game still flat, i mean i just play the same strategy almost in all my game. So, i still need to improve my concentrate, i need to control my self, and of course i need to improve my strategy with practice more, because the practice will make my game more perfect.

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