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My Inconsistency Rating (2)

My Inconsistency Rating (2)

Jan 29, 2016, 6:16 AM 2

January will be end in 2 days and my blitzh rating now is 1473. Well well, this is good for me because my rating more consistence than before. In December i reach 1500s but i drop myself to 1300s, how pathetic i am. But this month I never let myself down to 1300s, I think this is a good performance for me. In the end of december after I wrote my first article about my inconsistence rating i reach 1619, this is my highest blitzh rating ever for  me in chees.com. So, I think 1 have made a good start for my journey in chess.com this year, 2016. Something that I must fix is about my concertation, I think it is happened to all players. I will start to fix this one in my next game, How??. i think the first step is I have to control my time in playing chess, I mean, sometimes I play chess when I was working, I have to change this one, because I lost a lot in that time. And then next step I have to more focus and do not underestimate the opponent, if I met an opponent who have lower rating than me, I always try to play faster because I feel superior but this is worng, a lot of my game I defeated by them. But, this time I have to improve my self.

My next target in February, I hope I can consistence in 1400s and try to reach 1500s.. See you in february..  

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