Why Playing chess?

May 11, 2017, 11:41 PM |


My age was about 10 years old, when I played my  first chess game with my brother. He won with just four moves, that was impressing me, and I think that moment made me interested to playing chess. Since that game, I played often with my brother, just my brother. Playing chess is not a popular sport or hobby in my neighborhood, so I cant play it frequently. Maybe that’s why my game is not improve to much cause my biggest opponent just my brother. Even when I played on an amateur tournament on my neighborhood, I played with an adult cause there was no kid can play chess, and of course I loose on my first game, no doubt. That tournament is my first and last tournament till now.

Well, I still playing chess until now, especially on internet,  thanks to chess.com. I started playing chess frequently when I found chess.com. Finally I can play with more opponent frequently. And It is interesting when we have own rating here, of course i want to reach as highest as I can of my rating. And know that the pro also playing in this site, it is more interesting, We can learn from their live game here, and we can measure where we are compared with the pro.

Playing chess is fun for me, the game just simple but not that simple to win a game. The game can be very complicated. In chess, we need a strategy since the beginning, so the opening is very important here. I feel pleased when I win a game and  disappointed of my lost game, but  sometimes  I can  be amazed by my opponent strategy. And it is fun when I found “Wow” on my game.

I love playing chess even I'm  not the biggest fan of chess. But playing chess for fun is enough to continue playing I think.

So, why you playing chess??

Happy playing chess..