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Attacking chess vs positional chess

Attacking chess vs positional chess

Feb 19, 2012, 9:37 PM 7

In you life get you may diffrent kinds of  people just as you get diffrent styls of playing chess the most comon are attacking chess and positional chess. The big qeustion is which one is the best to use in a chess game.

The anwer depens on the type of chess player you are.

There many great attacking chess players who are GM's such as the late  Boby Fischer and there are also many positoinal chess players are who GM's such Kraporv.  Both where world campions chess players .

I think both styls are important in thier own way and chess players should try to learn both styls of play , but play the styl suited to you and to get know your oppenet's styl of chess. 

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