0 to City Champion

Jan 16, 2016, 9:43 AM |

     Yesterday night I went to the High School City Championship. 25 people were in attendance, 5 of which were from my school. Round 1 brought wins for all five of our team, round 2 brought similar results, round 3 brought losses for 3 of our members, and on round 4 I was on board 2 and the #1 seed was on board playing the #2 person from our school. Unfortually he could not hold his own in the 4th round battle for first.

     And finally it came down to a 5th round battle between the #1 seed and the #2 seed on board 1, It was a King's Indian defense with me on white.

     I outplayed him in an endgame battle and then a blitz battle came into play for 2nd.

     The person that lost to the #1 seed from our school won his game vs. the #3 seed from our school, and the #1 seed won vs. the #4 seed.

Which ended with a rematch from the round 4 battle, which ended in our school snatching 1st and 2nd place.