Farewell Chess.com

Mar 24, 2015, 2:16 PM |

   Due to the fact that I'm going to high school, I need to study more. I plan on graduating at 16. And going to college at 17. Because of this, at the end of this year, I'll be done with chess. At least until I get into college or past that. Thanks all of the great people that helped me, were my friends, those here still and those long gone. If you guys ever come back, just know you were in my thoughts. My stay at chess.com has been fun. But everyone must go on their own path. And this is mine. As most of you know, I've stopped playing OTB tournaments. This is not what I wish to do, but what is more important, chess, or making myself a future? I may return one day. But not for many years. So at the end of the summer, I'll retire my duties in groups. And at the end of the year, cease playing chess. Before I leave, I'll make a list of my friends, and a memorial to those long past. Thanks everyone, it has been fun!