Scholastic Chess Thank You For 8 Years.

Mar 23, 2015, 10:04 AM |

   I have played in the Scholastic environment for 8 years... I have enjoyed every year, but now the time has come for the new generation of player to shine. I will retire with my alltime rating high of 1470+. My last event I have competed in I got 4.5.-0.5. Thank you for all for the help and support. I will compete in Super Nationals in 2 years. Hope to see you there. Hoping to get my FIDE rating over the summer. For next year I will barely be able to get online, due to school. Goodluck to the new generation of player. And to all the people who supported me in my scholastic journey. I will compete in highschool teams before I graduate. But I want a 2000+ USCF before I do that.


Thanks, Eldrin.