a 'hypothetical' attack

Feb 8, 2009, 8:31 AM |


I just finished a game which in my opinion ended prematurely. It would have been fantastic to actually finish my attack completely. Shown on the diagram below is the 'hypothetical' continuation had black played best defensive moves. (as checked by fritz 11) I didn't work out all lines to checkmate, but enough so as to give everyone a flavor of different continuations. Click on the 'move list' to see other variations which I've included. Feel free to check my analysis with your own chess engines. =)

I am a little doubtful that I might have found the best attacking continuation (some of the best moves are really tricky to find), but in any case, this game is pretty insightful on how an attack should be carried out: Threat after threat, each move purposeful and never losing the inititative.