The Chess Enthusiast: 2 games

Mar 16, 2012, 3:19 PM |

Having a day off work tomorrow. Managed to find the time to squeeze in 2 games of blitz chess.

A quick note here: I have started playing my online 'live' chess at FICS. Okay, sure the interface may not look as 'classy' as but it's easier for me to analyse my games. The free software 'Barbaschess' (available at FICS website) allows me to save/store my games on my pc with less fuss then 'click and download' system.

Anyhow, the first game ended much faster then expected.Tongue out



The 2nd game was a more intense encounter, with a lot more positional play. According to Houdini, I blew at least 4 chances to obtain a decisive advantage. In fact, I made some inaccurate moves towards the end nearly costing me the win. Thank goodness I managed to find some hidden resources!