The Road to ELO 2000: French Defence: Alekhine Chatard Attack

Jun 6, 2009, 10:18 AM |

I love the french defence. However, if there's one line that is particular scary to me, it is the alekheine-chartard attack with 6.h4!. White gets excellent practical attacking chances for the pawn if accepted. I usually don't accept the pawn and try to play it safe with 6..0-0. Recently I have found an interesting gambit line for black which involves an early 7...f6!?, turning the tables back on white and offering him a countergambit instead. Here's an illustrating line...


another continuation could go as follows if white choses not to take the extra pawn...



I'm sure that there are many more lines out but if you have an opinion on the move 7..f6!? feel free to comment. =)