The Road to ELO 2000: my first albin counter gambit victory

Apr 5, 2010, 3:07 PM |

Ever since as long as I have been playing in chess I have always felt uncomfortable against 1.d4 when playing black. It could be just my imagination, but I find it a struggle to fight for the initative in d4 openings as Black. Most times I am forced to accept a slightly passive position with White calling the shots.

My quest to find an aggressive active opening as black against 1.d4 has led me to look at 3 openings: The KID, the budapest defence and the Albin's Counter Gambit. I have used the KID (King's Indian Defence) and the Budapest defence for around 1-2 years now with moderate results. Recently, I have adopted the ACG with some success over internet games. Below is my first victory in employing the ACG.