The Road to ELO 2000: Quick wins from the opening

Jun 8, 2009, 2:14 PM |

Don't you just love quick wins? Recently I just went through a series of quick wins over the internet and decided to post them up as a useful reminder to myself that even in the opening, dreadful tactical/positional errors can occur. Vigilence in chess is a must @ all times! I must say that I am proud of one of the wins, because I actually found out the winning move while doing my own 'home analysis'. I'm pretty sure my opponent (in the 1600's) will remember that game for a long time to come. It must also be said that all of them have a similar theme: the weak f2/f7 squares.

So let's start with the games.. the first is a smith morra game. (PS. click the 'move list' to see other variations i've included for all games)

The next game features a sicilian alapin's variation (transposed from a smith morra gambit).

My last game comes from the budapest defence/gambit in which i play as black. I was really proud of this game, because it gave me a chance to finally use a 'home cooked' receipe previously not used before. Enjoy!