It's A Trap!

It's A Trap!

May 10, 2013, 4:14 PM |


Actually, it's three "traps" only two of which were successful.

This 10 Minute Blitz game took place 10 May 10th 2013 on I played as White vs. ManoharGottapu (1341) who played as Black.

My first successful trap came at move 25. This was a success as the White Queen, after a check with rook trade, takes the now unprotected Bishop and stops future Castling.

The next trap was a fail and came at move 44. This trap came when I seemingly was overpowered and moved away from a vulnerable pawn at c6.

Actually, I was only waiting to move a pawn to d5 and uncover check with the same Queen.

In this case, Black would have forfeited whichever piece previouslly took the "helpless" pawn at c6. But, he saw through this ruse and moved his King out of check before it happened!

The last trap was the most important of the three. It came at move 49 when the Black Queen was all too eager (but also not left with another choice besides checkmate) to take my checking Rook at h8. By doing so, he left me to use my Queen, backed by a lone pawn, to checkmate.

This was an extremely vigorous game.