Last Second Checkmate

Last Second Checkmate

Mar 17, 2017, 8:12 PM |

10 minute match was played March 17th 2017 at



Baiting out a pawn at the end of battle won the war with only 10 seconds left on my clock, player.

1400+ is my new average rating in Blitz. The last four or five games have been against 1360-1550 rated players. I tripped and lost 3 out of 7. This is the seventh game of that night. It came down to a pawn bait with only a Queen on both sides. At the end, an unforced error from White my opponent - lost the match.

Above is the start of the exchange and below I have pasted in the game. The best way to review the match is in Live Mode.

Play this game by pressing the play or forward frame buttons.

In the above game, in exchange for my Black pawn(s) and the clear risk of White edging in it's own pawns to promote - I was able to force White's King around for a checkmate. All the way at the end of the board White is wholly without any power pieces. White's Queen is a little too greedy when a chance comes up to take a distant pawn.

In the next few moves White slipped. Worse, White took a desperate check by not seeing my Queen in position. The important exchanges happened in the final 5% of the 10 minute game.