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How many games can be effectively played at once?

Nov 30, 2008, 7:28 AM 7

How many games can be effectively played at once? - I struggled with this question when I first joined chess.com many months ago. Torn between my desire to play the game that I love so much with the frequency that keeps me perpetually playing - or - choosing to limit the number of games that I play to a select few so that I can focus more on winning instead of just playing. But probably like many of you reading this, I ignored logic and the fact that I'm not yet the chess genius that I want to be.  So I found out the hard way that the more games that you try to manage at one time, the poorer you do overall. Sure you may win a few, but this type of play (if done in overabundance) can lead to diminished overall performance. I got to the point where i was playing close to 100 games at the same time!! During this period, I saw my ratings decline dramatically.  Rushed to make moves, forgetting strategies and tactics, getting confused by the mountain of memorization required, all contributed to my downfall.  But as I reduced the number of games played to a more manageable 10-15, I'm starting to reap the rewards of a more focused play. What are your thoughts and experiences with this??

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