my fav internet quotes

May 29, 2008, 7:18 PM |

Lol i totally stole this from HieMuffinMan but yeah i do have some favorite internet quotes:

"guass stop it"  -sicarius1029, AoPS User

"do you want my teapot? if you beat me in cd i'll give it to you and you can break it"  -pingpong, AoPS User

"I know the feeling."  -RedSoxpawn

"u should have known the gaussian distribution, mie am right!"  -HieMuffinMan

"I love Meggy-Meg!"  -Ubemaya, AoPS User

"My AMC 10 score > miyomiyo's score. This has been a public shaming of miyomiyo, thank you."  -1=2, AoPS User (Matt Babbitt from Albany, NY)

"most of the cd problems are answered in the first few seconds, with an exception of a couple harder ones. And yes, Bobby Shen beat me in countdown 3-2. I made a stupid mistake. Bobby Shen is totally beast (but not godly) at countdown. Luckily I have a higher FTW rating! =D"  -ra5249, AoPS User (Kevin Tian from Austin, TX)

"guass cd? hello, how have you been?"  -sicarius1029

"I know, I cried."  -dingzhou, AoPS User (Ding Zhou from Texas)

"jack4585 has been banned for 10 minutes for flooding!"  -FloodingFilter, AoPS FTW Administrator

"SHUT UP!"  -jack4585, AoPS User