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May 14, 2008, 7:51 PM 6

lol I kinda stole this from Pillsbury_Doughboy, but haha I just wanted to make one of my own:

Favorite food: Chocolate

Place: Texas

Computer app: internet

Website: www.artofproblemsolving.com

Chess.com friend: HieMuffinMan

Text Smiley: xD

Hobby: Doing math

Sport: NONE

Place to visit: Wisconsin

Math Contest: Mathcounts

Song: None

Artist/Music Band: The Fray

Girl: Jessica Oehrlein (math girl from Oklahoma)

Muffin: Sugar frosted muffins

Type of Book: Math books, fantasy

Chess.com Theme: Standard

Helicopter: NONE

Car: Honda

Chess Game: hello my math buddy (owenscowens)

Chess Game Trophy: Good Game

Chess Fun Trophy: Happy Birthday

Best Friend: Bobby Shen (BOY FROM TEXAS Who's 1337 Pwnage)

U.S. State: Texas

Math Friend: Bobby Shen (yeah!)

Blog Title: randomnosity (that's bobby's AoPS blog!)

Baseball Team: None (and no, not the Cubs or Sox)

Music Instrument: Violin

Chess.com Greeter: Grigmott

Active AoPS Users: jgjgjmath and Stargirl240 (my girl friend, not crush)

Mathcounts Fan: Not that I know of

Mathcounts Star Coach: Jeffrey Boyd (Texas) 



That's all i can think about for tonight... 

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