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improve chess technique with lessons

improve chess technique with lessons

Aug 25, 2014, 1:35 AM 1

I never specifically trained chess board game until I tried to exercise on chess.com

Initially I was playing chess with my friends at school and at home just attack and block the attack without strategy I never even noticed that the coordinates on the chess board that did not change when I play chess online

so when I try to exercise at chess.com first I just chose to attack drills and seems quite successful (despite several attempts failed) I get the ratings of 1986

then after everything is finished I try to practice strategies and other I turned out pretty hard and my ratings lowest continue to fall until 1528 but I keep trying to get through all levels of exercise techniques to playing chess and now got 1711 ratings (at Lessons 281)

but the ratings was not important and after that all I still a beginners :)

*sorry for bad english

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