Progress Update & Transitioning to Coaching Full-Time

Progress Update & Transitioning to Coaching Full-Time

NM geordie_derraugh
Jun 24, 2014, 5:20 PM |

It's been a while since I made my last blog post so I figured it was about time to update the world on my progress (or lack there of...). Way off track of my "7 year plan" which btw has become a running joke among pretty much my entire chess club. They're just jealous I think ;)

I certainly haven't fallen off the wagon when it comes to playing as I've stayed quite active in the past few months. However my study sessions have been gradually decreasing in duration, regularity and intensity, partly due to laziness and partly due to being distracted by other pursuits (like poker haha). I have managed to motor through a couple of epic tomes though, like Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual and "My Great Predecessors 1 & 2". Highly recommended.

I've had a bumpy ride in terms of results, with a great start to 2014, see and followed by an equally impressive downswing, losing to several 2000-2200 rated players.

I played in the Reykjavik Open in March which was lots of fun. Highlights include being paired with TWO of the four Canadians I was staying with (ugh), my friend Dan (fide 2000ish) drawing 2700 rated and eventual winner Li Chao, and seeing the great Kasparov in the flesh. One of the better organized tournaments I've been to.

On the horizon I have a couple of tournaments planned, the Aurora Summer Open in several weeks, and most likely the Canadian Open in late July. Hoping I can turn things around there.

Now onto the second update (relating to above graphic), I've decided to start coaching chess full time. I've had approximately 5-10 students on the go for a couple years, and I've been enjoying watching them progress, but I've been too zealously pursuing my own ambitions to give teaching its proper focus. I'm considering returning to teaching chess classes in schools this September as well, but my main passion is private coaching.

On that note, if you're reading this and you're looking for a coach or have questions about it, send me a private message.

That's all for now, as I'm on a library computer and my session is about to expire eek. I'll try not to wait as long before my next update...