Tigran Petrosian

Apr 4, 2013, 6:00 PM |

( This is supposed to be an article but I can't write them so this is an article in the blog section).Tigran Petrosian was a chess world champion but has had bad press from chess media. but there is a lot to learn about how he plays but first start off with this puzzle.

First of all  the first thing we look at is Petrosians endgame. Petrosian was the master of knights. He unlike most grandmasters of modern time prefered them to bishops. So he liked to make knight cool in endgames and bishops stupid. Lets take a look at this example. 

The game ended.Also if in a game or in a book if there is a rubbish bishop tell me for the worst bishop contest.  Here is another petrosian endgame

 There are other things I shall teach but in other blogs i shall do part 2 and 3. To create a petrosians endgame see how badly you can block opponets bishops but you must keep a knight. This is one thing that made petrosian a good player. If this is stupid tell me I am twelve years old and developing.I will give you a famous game of petrosians.

Bad Bishop again.