Aug 31, 2010, 9:17 AM |

I've Always Wonder Why.....

  1. The most popular people are always the one's who hate everyone.
  2. People park in driveways and drive in parkways.
  3. You can never tickle your self.
  4. If Vegetable oil is made of vegetables and Olive oil is made of olives, what is Baby oil made of..?
  5. All the good things in Life- chocolates, fast food, and candy- are bad for you.
  6. You press harder on a remote control when you know the batteries are low.
  7. Girl with curly hair wants straight hair, vice-versa.
  8. Yawning is contagious.
  9. The word "Psycho", is spelled with a "P".
  10. People eat fattening foods, then drink a diet soda.
  11. Beer is advertised on roadside billboards when it's illegal to drink and drive.
  12. All planes have floatation devices but never parachutes.
  13. British people don't sound BRITISH when they sing.
  14. Umbrellas are made of metals.
  15. Noses run and feet smell.
  16. When something tastes gross, people urge others to taste it.
  17. If you spend time in the sun, your skin gets dark and hair gets light.
  18. Glue doesn't stick on the inside of the bottle.
  19. Why should successful businessmen be complete failures when it comes to managing their own families?
  20. Why should intelligent people do unintelligent things like steal things from a hotel or cheat their friends in business?


There are still many questions out there and I really wonder if we could ever know the answer to them or not.

Another Question:

How do we know were fulfilled?

For me, it is this: I can die anytime if my Creator decides it's time for me to go and won't regret it a bit. Given another opportunity to live another life, I would not hesitate to ask for the one I have right now...

So what do you call this???

That's another tough question to answer...!

So,.... What's your answer???