Games from 16-year-old me (1 of 2)

Jun 7, 2011, 11:09 PM |

I recently came across a notebook I kept for a couple tournaments I played in when I was 16 -- I think these were the only ones I ever played in outside of the chess club at school.  I remember that I borrowed about $20 from my Dad to pay the entry fee for this one, drove there by myself and played, then won a small prize for the highest finish for the under-1600 group (because I was unrated).  When I got home I was real excited that I'd won money and told my Dad, and the first thing he said was "well do I get my money back?"...sigh.

Anyway, this was the first game, with a nifty little queen sacrifice for the win:

Here's the second game, where I sacrificed a bishop to get a fun (but probably unsound) attack:
Finally, here's the last game I played in the tournament, which I lost.  I just missed some things in this one, and my opponent didn't:
It's definitely fun to go back and see how I played then, which really isn't much different than how I play now.  I wonder if I'll feel the same way 20 years FROM now?