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a bad turn......

Mar 9, 2009, 3:08 PM 0

wow! my life just hit a giant lump in the road and i crash landed. but i survived. well....my best friend in the whole wide world called me yesterday and told me how she felf about her bf. to sum it up she doesn't feel the same about him anymore and he's been a real jerk lately and not caring about how she feels. and he won't tell her anything. if he does she has to beg for 20 min to get him to tell her. that's just not right. anyways......she was going to break up with him today @ lunch. well....when he found her at lunch she couldn't stop crying. she couldn't even look @ his face cuz she felt so bad.anyways i was comforting her....but then she looked at me and told me that i had to do it. so i did. and my life has just been going downhill from there. :( except for the fact that i'm going out with Cody and we're trying it again.

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