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another chance

Apr 1, 2009, 2:48 PM 0

ok so......you know how i was going to break it off?.....well.....the day that i was planning on doing it he didn't show up....i was planning to do it in the morning but he didn't show up and when he showed up he gave my a hug and said "everything is going to be better." and then he left. he like avoided me all day. and i knew that he knew that i was going to break it off. the whole school day he avoided me so i didn't get the chance to talk to him except for once and all he told me was that he had a talk with a lady that was like a mother to him and he said " everything is going to change....no more mood swings." anyways it kinda shocked me and i didn't know what to say....it was wierd.and he kinda did the same thing again! (were he doesn't really let me talk and then just walks off and doesn't give me a hug.) so..i was upset. after school i went and hung out with my best friend and i told her all about it. we decided to call him and tell him that he needed to figure out what he did wrong and that i would give him the whole weekend to think about it......so i forgot all about it cuz me and my best friend take alot of pics and post them on myspace. but when i got home i kept feeling really guilty and i felt bad for calling him and telling him all that stuff. and i kept having something tell me to give him another chance........so i finally said to myself "i'm gonna call him and just talk about it"  so i did and we got everything worked out again. and so i pretty much gave him another chance......

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