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Apr 1, 2009, 3:06 PM 0

ok. soo...the other day me and cody met at the library cuz he wanted to hang out with me really bad.......i was lying to my parents.....anyways we hung out and talked and found out alot of stuff about eachother by taking quizes...lol (i know its wierd but theres was nothing better to do. ) but then i had to go....and so as we were walking out to our cars he tells me that he lied to me.

(ok so...a while ago i was at the library and i see him come in but he didn't see me....and i kinda got upset because he didn't even notice me. and i was already having a bad day. and to make it worse i was right behind him and i sent him an email that was like " it's kinda sad that you didn't even notice your girlfriend" and then he sends me this email and he was saying all these compliments and he was being a major suck up. and he tells me that he had alot on his mind and he was like "sarah..i wouldn't of even noticed if everyone in the library was naked." and so he gave me the excuse that he was just stressed and that he really needed to get to a computer to check his grades and email. and i believed him and i forgave him and gave him another chance.)

ok so...back to just the other day......

so he tells me that he lied about that......he told me that he knew that i was at the library and that's why he went. he even told me that he did notice me and that he just acted like he didn't because he didn't want me to think that he was stalking me. it shocked me. and i got upset. he did too. and i just left him there and i left. but later i called him and was like " do you have an explanation?" and so he told me his explanation which was..." i just wanted to be completely honest with you and i knew that i had lied but the guilt was building up and so i had to tell you. " and i told him how i hate it when people lie to me ....even when its just one little lie....because then i think that everything they say before and after is a lie too. anyways we got it all worked out agian and i forgave him.....again.....and gave him another chance.......

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